Seecure Workplace Distribution

Company Information: 

One of the companies using Seecure Workplace works with food deliveries, all over Sweden. Currently, more than 300 of the company’s employees are equipped with an alarm button. 

Seecure Workplace has been configured with two groups; a Distributor group (containing the distributors in the region) and one Office group (containing the HR employees, security staff, and administrative employees at each regional office).

Specific settings for the different groups:

The company decided to disable the communication feature in the distribution group, as the riders work individually, at different times. 

The Office group has communication enabled, as the Office members work together and communicate with each other more regularly. The office building is included within a geofence, which enables specific features within that area. 

Certain members of the Office group have access to Seecure Web Console, allowing them both to administer the system and receive alarms via the Seecure Alarm Center. 

Alarm settings:

Alarms from distributors are always transmitted to the selected recipients, by sending application notifications, text messages, and phone calls to the security staff. Additionally, notifications are sent within the Seecure Web Console. The notifications present who activated the alarm and their location.

If a user from a regional center activates an alarm, it will be transmitted to the other co-workers who are within the same office building. 

To ensure that the alarm is handled correctly, the company has configured specific alarm action plans for each regional office. Once an alarm is active, the security staff can follow the steps. 

The current action plan is:

  • Call the user.
  • If the user responds, receive information regarding the situation and act accordingly. 
  • If the user does not respond, try again. If the user still does not respond: alert emergency services. Drive to the location and continue trying to reach the user. 

This setup can also be applied to, but not limited to, the following business areas:

  • Personal fleet management
  • Bus and transportation companies
  • Construction and service workers
  • Distribution of goods and services
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